Website Design Tips

New year, new website! Is your marketing goal this year to revamp your company’s website? If so, then you are taking a step towards building a strong foundation for your marketing strategy. As you are creating your marketing strategy and preparing for your new website project, it’s important to start with a realistic budget. There is a lot that goes into a new B2B website design, so it’s important to consider the main pieces as you outline your budget. In this article, we share tips from our experienced web design and development team on how to budget for your B2B website design project. Ballpark the Size of Your Website The cost to build a 10-page website versus a 50-page website is significantly different. While you don’t need to have an exact count of pages on your new website, it helps to have a general idea. Check out your existing website and do a count of all the pages in your main navigation, along with how many blog posts you have. This won’t give you 100% accuracy

Hobbies You Can Actually Make Money On

Hobbies You Can Actually Make Money On Gaming was once a solitary endeavor, but online gaming has unlocked a world of earning potential from gaming. Skilled gamers with engaging personalities can earn money from streaming, or broadcasting themselves playing games while interacting with fans or giving tips on how to master the game. One of the top streamers, who goes by the name Ninja, reportedly makes around $6 million per year thanks to his paying subscribers, ads on his YouTube channel, and sponsorships. The best gamers in the world can also make millions by winning major competitions in their game of choice. The highest paying championship is The International — the championship for Dota 2. The prize for winning The International in 2019 was over $15.6 million for a team of five. Each of the top six teams took home over $1 million in prize money. Though most sandcastles are built by children and do not reach very high, a few adults have been able to make money creating huge,

Make Money Selling on eBay

Make Money Selling on eBay: Personal Loan to Start an eBay Business © Getty Images/ ebay-logo Start an eBay business and what comes next can be anything from an occasional sale to a full-time occupation that generates enough money to fully finance your household. Either way, eBay is a quick and proven way to market goods nationwide. © Getty Images/ ebay-business See today's personal loan interest rates How Do eBay Businesses Work? Understand that eBay is somewhat similar to a local garage sale. It's a way to offer things for sale but with some important distinctions. First, eBay is nationwide and even worldwide. This means things that may not be salable locally may well be salable to the larger market served by eBay. There may be nobody within a 5-mile radius of your home who wants old cameras. Online, you may find entire groups devoted to such equipment, including people who scour eBay listings looking for the best possible deals. Second, forget about selling on